Monday, May 3, 2010

A Week In The Life: Day 1, Sunday

A couple of my friends, namely Robin and August, both began a Project 365 in 2010. I have enjoyed following along with their daily activities by way of posting one picture a day of something going on in their life. A few weeks back, Robin suggested that I should start one since I was so diligent about keeping up with hers and I was carrying a camera around with me everywhere these days anyway. I joked back that if I kept a Project 365 it would be made up of pictures of 290 (the highway of my workday commute) and my computer screen. In other words, I live a boring life most days.

Then last week, I was reading a blog that I visit regularly and really enjoyed that day's guest post. I clicked over to her regular blog and found the idea for "A Week In The Life". The idea is to record in picture and journal format an account of an ordinary week in the life of your family. While this is to result in an actual album of some sort, I thought I would also post a few of the details here on the blog.

I decided to begin on a Sunday for two reasons: I tend to fail to follow through with things on the weekend, so this gives me a free day on each weekend involved & because our weekends tend to be feast or famine when it comes to activity. One weekend may find us doing absolutely nothing and the next we are barely able to catch our breath. This past weekend I knew we were having company in weekend, nothing!

So, here goes...A Week In The Life Of The Goodes: Day 1, Sunday

I started off my Sunday morning with a big cup of cream and coffee. I love my new coffee cups. I picked these up at Ross a few weeks back just because they make me smile. (I also picked up two breakfast plates that match. I wish I could find some more pieces!)
As you can see, I really mean that I have coffee with my cream. It is so 'blond' that you can barely see it against the yellow interior of that cup! (And I love the term 'blond' for my coffee. I picked that up from a friend this weekend!)
After coffee, I started on Sunday dinner preparations. Championship Bar-b-que Ribs, YUMMM! They take hours to cook, but are sooooo worth it.
While I was busy in the kitchen, we had a visitor arrive at our back door. Stacy, Albert and Charley came by to pick up a saw for their revitalization of the back yard project. You know how the saying goes, "Back door friends are best"!
One of Jim's closest friends, Barry, was in town for a golf weekend. He wanted to get on the road before dinner was ready for his drive back to the Dallas area...but we were able to visit in the kitchen for a little bit before he left.

Brian spent a few days with us over the weekend. Meagan, Derrick and Davin came over for dinner too. We missed seeing Kelli, Matt and the kiddoes...but Matt's work schedule got changed around so they were unable to make it over.
After lunch, we headed outside to the patio to sit and talk awhile. At one point, Davin came walking out of the house with a clothes basket in which to trap "Pibbys", as Davin calls Pib.
Around dark, we headed into the house to watch Brian Regan's 'The Epitome of Hyperbole' on the DVR. Meagan and Derrick had not seen it yet. We took the family to see him in person last year at Verizon Wireless theatre and everyone kept going on about how much Derrick looks like Brian Regan.
Derrick says he can't see it. Can you?

Well, Davin had not had a nap since they arrived and he was wired for sound. He got bored with he comedy show pretty quickly (he wanted to watch Scooby Doo), so he and I headed for the new sitting room where he quickly converted our new settee into an 'old Jeep'. He 'drove' while I had to sit in the back seat in my car seat. We must have made a half dozen trips to the store for toys!

Brian and the Rodgers Crew left around 9 and most of the rest of us headed off to bed.
See what exciting days we have? Just wait until tomorrow's post!


Stacy said...

that was awesome! You did good, girl!

Brenda said...

Great love the new ideal so interesting girl!

Anonymous said...

I think the next time the Rodgers' are in town they need to go by to see Paige. She can hook him up with the best cataract surgeon in this area. Derrick must have cataracts since he could be this guy's twin. Poor thing. Not being able to see very well.

Love the coffee cups too. We have a Ross's here so I will see if I can find anymore plates for you.

I don't know where you get the idea that you lead a boring life. With 5 children and 3 grandchildren how could your life be boring?