Friday, May 7, 2010

A Week In The Life: Day 5, Thursday

Thursday morning brought back sweet, sweet memories for Jim and I. We were greeted to the wake up call of a creaking door and a little voice whispering "Nonna, are you awake?"

I am now. I decided to sit down to a quiet breakfast for two with one of my favorite guys.

Everyone else had already left for work/school or was still asleep so we had the time just to ourselves. He never did eat the cereal...he just wanted the strawberries. But only after I took the leaves off!
Davin kept me company while I put on my make-up and made sure I brushed my teeth. When it was time to leave for work he didn't want me to go. He wanted to go four wheeler riding and get on the Polaris instead. It was hard to say 'no' to such a sweet face.
As I left for the day he said, "I love you, Nonna. Be careful the tires!" That's his way of telling you to be careful driving. Why the tires? I have no idea.
The view from the driver's seat this morning was the accompanying bag of dry cleaning that had to be dropped off. I am very thankful for $1.49 dry cleaners. My Hero likes his jeans starched and I do not like to starch jeans! We have found our compromise. I drop them off and pick them up...and he doesn't ask me to iron his jeans.

As opposed to yesterday's traffic jam in the city...this is the view of the first half of my drive in to work. No one coming, and only one following me.

It was another busy day at work. So busy that I didn't even go to lunch. I just grabbed some peanut butter crackers and kept moving.
After work I made a pit stop by Barnes and Noble to pick up a book that Brian had been looking for. I totally wanted to show you one of my favorites sights in the whole world...the inside of a bookstore filled with possibility. I even took my camera in ready to use. But, I was distracted immediately and didn't think of it again until I was walking out the door.

Oh, and all that bragging I did a few weeks back about not buying any new books last month? Well, I have made up for it twice this month with trips to Half Price and B&N! I am ashamed to show you the shopping bag I walked out with this trip! :-( Oh how I love a good book!

I had to make some quick decisions or I would be late to pick up our football star.

Jim had been picking him up all week (we usually take turns) due to my hectic schedule at work.
Will has been either at practice or weight lifting every day after school for the last few months. (Since tennis ended) On the way home he asked me if his dad was home yet. I told him I wasn't sure and asked why. "Because that man works too much," he replied.
Will really didn't want to have work on the fence for the fourth day in a row after all that football.
Was he ever relieved to walk into the house to see this:
But it didn't last too long.

I am so thankful to have a man who does the yardwork! I told him so yesterday. I WILL help out with it and have even done it myself when he was gone. BUT I do not LIKE to do it.

I did go out and water the plants. I have two buckets of petunias on the steps leading up to the deck.
And I turned the water on for my strawberries. I even got to eat the first one of the year! It was a little stunted, but still delicious!

While I was out doing my 'yardwork' (and I use that term very loosely), I moved the two barrels of flowers that I had out in the side yard to the front along with the bench the kids gave me for Mother's Day a few years back.

It is much more convenient along the driveway for sitting in the shade and reading.

We had the leftovers from Monday...and I have to say that it was even better the second time around. I spent some time reading and then turned in for the night.
So, are you bored enough yet? There are only two more days left of "A Week In The Life". I hope I still have blog readers when I finish! Ha!
Seriously, I don't think I realized how much we do in a week's time until I took on this project. It has been a nice reminder to slow down and live in each moment as it arrives.
Love ya'!


Stacy said...

girlfriend, write a book! I mean it! I really have enjoyed this weeks blog! love you!

Anonymous said...

Yes she took my words almost... felt like I walked your life ths this week by reading the blog for real it was neat and fun! love you!

Brenda said...

Yes she took my words almost... felt like I walked your life ths this week by reading the blog for real it was neat and fun! love you!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to eat breakfast with such a handsome little man. I really can't wait to be able to that myself. Only I want to be retired so I don't have to leave him.

I love yard work but it doesn't love me. My allergies are so bad I have to wear a mask most of the time and it's so hard to breathe through one of those things that most of the time I just forget it and suffer.