Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bulldogs VS Rangers: 2011

On Thursday, September 1...the Terry Rangers came to Waller to play a little football.
Will started out the game playing pretty aggressive.  It ALMOST felt like fall as the temperatures were in the mere mid-90's at 7 pm. 
He was pretty easy to spot for the first half as his left shoulder pad was hanging out of his uniform for most of that time! 
And then came a hit that stretched him out a little farther than he wanted to go.
So, he spent the second half on the bench trying to stretch out a groin strain.  But while he was playing, the Bulldogs pulled off a sweet touchdown that Brian captured on camera.
The final score was
Waller Bulldogs      7
Terry Rangers        13

It came down to the final moments...again...but this time the Bulldogs were not able to pull out the Win.
Since it was a home game, we got to see Wally, who graciously stopped and had a picture made with Davin.  (Sorry, I had to take this with my cell phone as we had the long lens on the camera!)
Davin was so thrilled! 

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Anonymous said...

Usually little kids are scared to get too close to the mascots but I should have known Davin wasn't one of those kids. He is fearless in the face of the mascot. ha ha

Sorry for the loss but it will just make winning the next game that much more fun.