Monday, September 12, 2011

We Are Home least for now. 

We were able to return at 5 last night.  Jim and I rode out to the house to make sure that all was secure and that we had electricity before heading back to the hotel to load up and check out.  Other than our poor cows being without water for days...all was well.  Ladies January and March along with Sir Loin slurped and slurped, faster than the water hose could keep up.  Jim had to go into the pasture with them to hold on to the water trough because they kept turning it over trying to get to the water at the bottom!  We then turned them into the green grass in the front pasture and they decided to forgive us for deserting them in the chaos. 

Jim and I had the BEST night's sleep in a week.  There is no place like your own bed for getting some good rest.  We were up kind of late trying to get the house in order.  As I told you the other day, we had just finished dinner when we were evacuated.  All of the food was put away, but we didn't have time to finish the dishes.  We just threw what we could into the dishwasher and started it before heading out.  I had to throw out four very delicious looking Strawberry Napoleon's that were left behind in the rush out of the door.  Sad!

I joked on Facebook this morning that I was apprehensive about leaving home and maybe I should pack a bag JUST IN CASE.  In all honesty, we were so apprehensive about leaving and not being able to get back in, that Jim elected to work from home today.  Although our home is safe, the wildfires are not out...only contained. 

As I was driving in this morning, I found myself in the midst of a convoy of military heavy equipment that was being moved out of our area.  Sounds like good news, at least. 

However, in the last hour there has been word that five new fires have erupted as the winds have picked up and the heat has returned to the Houston area.  I can feel my stomach begin to churn again.  I think I may have an ulcer by the time this is over!  I am glad that Jim is at home just in case we are evacuated again.  I guess I will be packing that bag tonight just to be on the safe side! 

That's where we are in our little world.  I am going to try and post some pictures of our vantage point of the fires for tomorrow.  Hope you are all safe and sound and enjoying wonderful fall weather!

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Anonymous said...

You need automatic feeders like they have for dogs and cats only for cows, horses and goats. Maybe Jim could rig up something. Maybe put a timer on the water hose so it will fill of the trough even when you're not home. He owns a sprinkler company surely he could come up with something. Just a thought. Hopefully, you won't have to be evacuated anytime soon.

Love you and I'm glad everyone (including the cows) are fine.