Thursday, September 29, 2011

Waller Homecoming 2011

(Warning: This is a longer than usual post...but I decided to include the whole weekend's festivities in one post instead of writing three or four!)

Last week was Homecoming week at Waller High School. So, instead of just football pictures, I have included photos from the week's activities.

Thursday night was JV Maroon football at the field of the Spring Woods Tigers.  My camera was acting up a bit, so I didn't have a lot of pictures that turned out.

Will during pre-game drills

Will waiting on the sidelines.

Wanted: Popcorn Thief Davin!
He ate nearly all of my popcorn and ran off with my Diet Coke!

Will taking the field
 Will had twisted his ankle the day before the game, but he was able to play.  The team has shrunk due to players moving up to Varsity to fill in for the injured, so Will played a lot of defense this game too.  One of the hardest plays to watch was when he was on punt return.  He went in to block the punt but ended up with a 'Roughing the Kicker' call.  It hurts a Momma's heart to listen to the crowd complain about her boy.  I don't know if I am ready for Varsity next year!!!

The Bulldogs pulled off another victory 30-10 against the Tigers.  Woo Hoo!

Friday morning, I got up early to snap a few pictures before he left for school.  Will had a date for the Homecoming dance!  Now, I know that I have a very handsome son, so the date was not a surprise.  It was that he (unlike his older brother) let his sisters make a Homecoming mum for his date.  The girls were over the moon excited to get to make another mum.

When they were in high school they would not trust a boy to provide their Homecoming mums.  No, sir!  The Goode Girls mums had to be top of the line!!!  They worked for weeks to get it just right.  This one did not take weeks...but it sure turned out cute!

Waller Bulldog Mum 2011
 I just LOVE that white feather boa around the mum! 

Will with the mum
Look how long that thing is!
 Sorry, that picture was taken with my iPhone at dark thirty before he left for school, but I had to show you how big and how long that mum is!  Did I mention that my girls like the bling?  The only thing that mum didn't have was flashing neon! 

I didn't get to see Will again until Friday night at the Varsity game.  Not only does he play Junior Varsity, but he is also a Maroon Man.  The Maroon Men are there to help the cheerleaders and to involve the crowd in the game.  Among other things they:
...prepare the 'Dawg House' for the team to run through at the beginning of the game and at the half... the flags ahead of the players as they take the field and after every touchdown...
...throw swag to the crowd...

...they also help the cheerleaders with stunts, but I noticed that mostly (since the majority of them are also football players) they stand around and talk about the game.
Oh, and Will's date?  It is that cutie pie right there in the middle.  No, not one of the brunettes.  Not the blonde is the gray headed one.  Wilma, the Waller mascot...or the girl in the costume to be exact.

The hometown really showed up in all their maroon and white glory to cheer the Bulldogs on to a 42-7 victory over the Spring Woods Tigers! 

I even sported the colors...even though maroon makes me break out in miniature hives sometimes!  (Especially this week as the Arkansas Razorbacks prepare to take on the Texas A&M Aggies!)
As long as there is a Bulldog on it someplace, I think I can bear it though!  (Josh snapped this picture just as I stuck out my tongue at him.)

Saturday was another full day for Will.  Saturday morning was the Waller County Fair Parade that he had to march in with the other Maroon Men.  After two late nights of football, I didn't get up and go. Who has a parade at 9 AM on a Saturday? 

Saturday night was the dance and he wouldn't let me get a picture of him all dressed up in his jeans and boots.   This is the one thing I don't like about being the mother of the don't get pictures!  After the dance they headed to the Waller County Fair with friends to watch Jack Ingram perform.  All in all, I think he had a good weekend...but boy, was he wiped out on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I'm offer sanctuary to the Popcorn Bandit.

The secret to getting pictures of your boys. Go to the girl's house and take them there. You know he is already having to pose for her mom so just be there to snap away. Another way is to invite several of the girls, their dates, and their parents to come take pictures at your house.

Love the mum. All of your girls are so talented. I guess they got it from their Aunt Fran. Lord knows, I didn't get any of it. Glad her talent hasn't gone to waste. ha ha

Love you,

Kelli said...

That boa is a hit... i got two orders for Falcon mums :)!

Jen said...

We have homecoming here in about two hours. Your photo's brought such anticipation for a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. ~ jen