Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time Marches On

The skies look relatively blue today.  There is still a slight haze of smoke lingering just above the tree lines and you can smell a bit of char in the air.  We have just returned from another recon mission to lay eyes on our neighborhood for ourselves.  The parking lot of the Holiday Inn remains crowded with cars and people discussing their situations.  Other than that you would never know that our world has been turned upside down by a wildfire.

The world goes on.  There are 9-11 remembrance ceremonies on every television station and we all stop to reflect on where we were a decade ago as we heard the news.  (Driving in to work, stopped at Bellaire and Beltway 8...when the second tower was hit and we all KNEW it was no accident.)

Many prepare for the first game of the NFL season.  Even I have found myself double checking my Fantasy Football team and making substitutions as news of Arian Foster being out today flood the airwaves. 

There will be a meeting at the high school today at 1:30 and 3:00 to update us on the status of the wildfires.  I am torn between going for first hand information or just hanging out at the hotel with my family and watching football...since I know the information will soon be all over the Internet anyway.

That's what is going on In Goode Time today.  Hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday with your loved ones...and maybe a little football thrown in as well.  Here's to your team...unless your a Colts fan, in which case, "Go Texans!" 

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Stacy said...

ya baby - go Texans!