Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Bittersweet Shout Out

I received a phone call from Brianne this morning with the news that she got the job she applied for at PacSun!  She has experienced a few bumps in the road lately that mean she needs a job while finishing school next year.  And she really enjoyed working retail, plus it gives her a much more flexible schedule than office work.

My first words were, "Yay!  Congratulations!"  Followed closely by, "But that means you won't be able to be with us in Arkansas for Thanksgiving."  After all, when you are hired to work a seasonal job for Christmas you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT miss Black Friday...which begins at 9 PM on Thanksgiving Day at the Outlet Mall where she will be working. 

So, it is with bittersweet emotions that I send this shout out to our 'Baby Girl'. 

:-) Congratulations on getting the job you wanted...
but I sure am going to miss you at the Thanksgiving table!  :-( 

Love you, Bri!


Kelli said...

It is getting increasingly hard to get EVERYBODY around the thanksgiving table... sad day :(. We will miss Bri, Josh and Matt.

Kelli said...

PS... if the stores keep this up there wont be a thanksgiving... it will just be shopping thursday in November... another sad day!

Anonymous said...

We will miss you Bri.


Anonymous said...

When are you coming? I want to see the ones that do get to make this trip. Sorry Bri that you won't be with the family, new jobs are a pain sometimes, but we thankful you have a job. Aunt Fran