Friday, November 18, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

A "shout out" to my Wednesday Bible Study Group.  We began in July with Cindi Wood's study, Frazzled Female and decided to keep going through the fall with Victoriously Frazzled.  We ended our studies this past Wednesday with lunch at Texas Land & Cattle where we laughed and talked of how our lives have changed since we started this journey just four short months ago.   We spoke of our 'one thing' that we wanted to take from this time together...and then we made plans to return after the holidays.
Vivian, Brenda, Jenifer and Fonda
We haven't decided what the next study will be...but I, for one, can hardly wait!

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B said...

Shout back!! Teach I agree "Wonderful Wednesday" thank you for leading these studies we all took so much from this journey. God is good always.

Looking forward to the next one!

Today my uncle always leaves me with a short serman before we hang up (preacher thing) and every verse and story we just study through these books he talking about. Love you,