Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guess Who Came For A Visit?

Look who rode home with me last Friday!
Maddux with his chocolate milkshake face.

Brooke posing with her cherry slush.
Their Daddy was taking their Mommy out for her birthday.  It isn't until the 24th, but she will be in Arkansas with us while he has to stay home and work.  So, the kiddoes came out to visit Nonna and Pappaw for the night.

The first thing on their 'to do' list was to go with Pappaw... see the new calf.  We have discovered that he is a bull and his name is Jed.  (I will let Brianne tell you why his name is Jed.)

The kids were enthralled with all the cows.  Until they got too close that is!

Next on the list was to ride the four wheelers.
Maddux still hasn't quite gotten the hang of the 4-wheeler with the pedal.

...but look at the smile on Brooke's face! 
This was her first time to ride by herself and she was absolutely beaming!

Maddux decided to hang out on the Ranger while Brooke was riding.

And then Brooke wanted a picture with Pib.

And all of that happened in the first fifteen minutes after we arrived.  Needless to say, when their Mommy picked them up the next day...Nonna took a nap and still slept good on Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.
Ryker wears us out.
I could sleep for a week after he leaves.
When he gets Brooke and Maddux ages I will probably sleep for a month. ha ha


Meagan Rodgers said...

I'm glad they finally got a chance to ride the four wheeler! Davin never wants to give up the front seat. :)