Friday, November 4, 2011

Nice Surprises

Jim and Bri have been bantering back and forth over the past month guessing as to whether or not Lady January was expecting.  Our herd of three were taken to the vet in early October for vaccinations, worming and a general check up.  Jim began noticing signs after their return, but wasn't sure.  Then on Wednesday evening he made the declaration that we were expecting a calf.

Imagine his surprise when he walked into the pasture on Thursday afternoon to see this.

 A freshly born calf!  I raced to the truck to grab my camera and by the time I made it back, Mama was nudging it up for it's first walk.
 It was so cute on it's wobbly little legs!
 She then moved it to the back corner to soak up some sunshine. 

For some reason, Lady Jan loves to birth babies on the afternoon of the coldest nights of the year.  Last night we saw temperatures bumping the freezing mark and I was a little worried about our newest family member. 

But when I walked out to check on it this morning, I found it lying in the hay.
Mama wasn't too happy with me out there taking pictures, even with my long range lens...but this calf just looked too cute to pass up! 

So, Jim was right about our expecting a new baby on the farm.  We're just beginning to wonder why the vet didn't mention it!!!


Brenda said...

aww so cute do you have a name yet missy looks good.
Very nice surprise :-):-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need another vet.

Is the calf a male or female?

Are you going to have a naming contest?