Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thursday Night Lights And The Heart Of A Mom

Thursday night lights.

A chill in the air.

Surrounded by a sprinkling of maroon and white.

The field is lit by the Texas sun setting to the west.

I shield my eyes in search of the only one this Mama's eyes want to see...#66.
We arrive at the stadium with three minutes to spare...yet the game has already begun.

I am disappointed.

Don't they understand the significance?

I'm not quite ready for this season to end.

It is the end of his JV years.

While I sit in the stands, snapping pictures like madwoman...not wanting to forget a single moment...his dad snacks on his usual -- nachos with chili and cheese.

"Are women the only ones that are nostalgic?", I ask, knowing the answer before I ask it.

"It's not like it's his last game, Fonda.  Next year is Varsity."

I know My Hero is only speaking the truth.  But in this Mama's heart, it is the end of another season of life. 

Next year comes the pressure of making the playoffs.

Next year's team carries the hopes of a small town on its shoulders.

Next year means our baby boy is a Senior...and our high school football days are seriously numbered.

So, I settle into the stands with my thoughts and my camera...and I record these moments through a lens and treasure them in my heart.  Because I don't want to forget a single thing.

Breaking the huddle.
Head to head on the 'O' line.
Holding that line.
The last play of his JV years.
Good game!
That Bulldog Spirit.
One Dog.
One Pack.
Walking off the field with Coach McNeil.
Discussing the game with Dad & Josh.
That was a nasty looking mark on his forehead.
Sideline picture with his sister.

Two of his biggest fans.
All smiles after a great win!

Waller Bulldogs  - 33
Magnolia West Mustangs - 14

And, yes, he is intentionally going for the Clay Matthews look.

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B said...

Way to Go heard the score was smiling. Yes...handsome young man you have there