Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Because You Just Never Know What The Future Holds

Late last year, I decided to try Google Reader. I was tired of individually clicking on all the blogs that I had saved to my "Favorites" list...especially if they hadn't posted in a few days. My family and personal friends are all listed on the side of this blog, so I always knew when they had posted something new. It was the other blogs that I visited frequently but didn't personally know that was taking so much of my time.

I divided that 'Reader' list into categories:
Daily Reads

It is in my 'Daily Reads' that you will find The Simple Wife blog written by Joanne Heim.

I don't know how I stumbled across Joanne's blog, but some how or another I did...and I loved her honesty and genuineness. At the time I first found her, she and her family were living in Arizona, far from her parents and siblings in Colorado. As she shared her struggles and joys of blooming in the desert where God had planted her, I connected with her. Emotionally. And spiritually.

I have commented on her blog only a few times...but I read it every time she updates.

Just this past Monday when she posted about enjoying S'mores at her fireplace, I shot her a quick comment letting her know that she had inspired me to do the same. And I did! Monday night. All by myself.

This morning, as I was reading my devotional, I noticed that she had authored today's passage. And I smiled. It was like seeing a dear friend's name on the printed page. What seemed a little strange was how it made me feel and I lifted her name before the Lord, thanking Him for the encouragement that she had brought into my life...even though I have never met or spoken with her.

I was determined to post a quick comment on her blog today letting her know that I had read her printed work and enjoyed it.

Imagine my shock to find that just yesterday she suffered a stroke and is even now fighting for her life.

Would you please join me in praying for my 'friend' Joanne, her husband (Toben) and their two beautiful daughters (Audrey and Emma)?

And while we are on the subject of bloggers we follow, would you leave a comment or two for those bloggers who inspire you every day...even though you may never meet or speak to them personally. Because wouldn't it be better to encourage someone NOW...since we do not know what the future holds?


Tammy said...

I too read your blog every time you post. I don't always comment, but I always read. And I do appreciate your frequent comments on mine... it is nice to actually see that someone has read it.

This post gave me chills. I hope that she makes it through!

I also love seeing how God is working in your life, it is encouraging to me to keep my faith alive. I do not have many religious people in my life so it is nice to read new info. and religious views when you post them.

You have also, through a past e-mail, encourage me to blog for me, not for anyone else. I appreciated that because it has made my blogging much different this time around.

Fonda said...

Awww! Thanks for the encouragement, Tammy!