Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The (Im)Proper Disposal Of A Christmas Tree

Warning: You may not want to try this at home!

Our Christmas tree had been sitting in the backyard for weeks. We have been under a burn ban since August due to the lack of rain. And since we live so far out in the country, there is no tree pick up like we had when we lived in Houston.

Well, last week we finally got a bit of rain as the front ushering in freezing temperatures arrived. Our youngest son had been patiently waiting for and planning the moment of the tree's demise.

Of course, taking it out to the pasture, throwing it on top of a burn pile and striking a match is not nearly dramatic enough for Will. No!

With visions of past newsreels declaring the safety hazards of a real tree that gets too dry in his head, he wanted to know how accurate the reports were. Would a tree nearly explode with just a spark? And to make it a little more festive, he decided to test this theory by using a Roman candle as his spark.

See for yourself:

Bri wanted in on the fun too...she is holding both their Roman candles while the tree is positioned near the burn pile.

The flames just bounced off the tree and into the air.

Two candles down and no flame. So they decided to listen to Josh who told them that they needed to spray the tree down with lighter fluid first. Now we had three Roman candles pointed at the tree.

A Roman candle flame hits in the tree and lights up.

The flame grows a little stronger.

It looks like it is going to catch!

One burn pile down...two more to go!
Where do boys come up with this stuff?!?!?
Note to the grandparents: don't worry, they were being supervised the whole time!

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

Only Will would want to test a theory like that.