Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day At The Theatre With My Girls

This past Saturday was the date of our annual Girls Only Theatre Outing. This year's production was West Side Story.

Meagan and I could hardly believe that neither Kelli nor Bri had ever seen the movie...but they had no idea what was in store for them.
The story was a little darker than I remembered...and I definitely do not remember all that innuendo. But, it moved me. Even though I knew the outcome, the curtain closed to tears streaming down my face.
What shocked me the most about the play was finding out that it was written in 1957! Wow! Gang violence, vulgar language, loose living...evidently our parents didn't live in such a pristine childhood either.
As I was reading a synopsis of West Side Story's history today, I was surprised to read that the script writer worried about the language dating the play. The reason that surprises me is that the girls and I were discussing how hard it was to place the time of the events that we were watching.
I got a little lost in the Spanish (which is part of the Broadway revival production), but other than that, it was a very good play.
Afterwards, we went to Maggiano's for dinner. (All but Kelli, who wasn't feeling well.) It was a wonderful evening out with my girls. I am already looking forward to next year's outing. I wonder what we will see!


Stacy said...

That is so cool! I guess they cleaned it up for the tv version - ha

Tammy said...

Aside from Meagan's heels, yal are all matching!

(I have never seen the movie either..)

Fonda said...

Stacy, it may be like "Grease". I had watched the 'edited for tv' version so often that when the girls and went to see the anniversary of the original in the theatres I was shocked at the "references"!

Tammy, somehow we manage to do that quite often...without even trying. One year we were all in browns; another everyone had a touch of red! Crazy! (But you will not catch me in the heels that these three wear! Can't walk!!!)