Monday, January 17, 2011

"Not So" Winter Wonderland

Today is Monday, JANUARY 17. So, why is it so warm outside? Our forecast calls for temperatures in the low to mid 60's for the rest of the week. Short sleeve weather is fine...IN APRIL! I was just wanting to enjoy a little more winter.

I know that February will bring more freezing temps and maybe even a little snow, if we are lucky. So until then, to bring a winter feeling to my southeast Texas home, I took some inspiration from Nester at 'Nesting Place' and Melissa at 'The Inspired Room' and sprinkled some winter decorations throughout my home.

The family came over on Friday evening to celebrate Will's birthday. Since Kelli and Matt arrived first, I had her help me choose a look for the mantel in the sitting room.

I was shopping my house (at Nester's suggestion) for anything white when I noticed my 8 point European mount still waiting to find a home. I think he looks quite wintry...and rustic Texan.

Next I brought out the mercury glass colored votive candles that I had picked up at Kirkland's after-Christmas sale.

I needed some height, so I filled the mini-milk jug with clear glass flat marbles left over from Meagan's wedding and pulled some blue/green sequined branches from last year's company Christmas party decorations to make a centerpiece.

I then remembered seeing some one's basket of pine cones lined with twinkle lights. Basket and twinkle lights in the storage room + a yard full of pine trees = free wintry look.

Add a little clear white beaded garland (also left over from the wedding) and the crocheted snowflakes that Lea Ann gave me for Christmas years ago...and I have the warm feeling of sitting in front of the fire even if the current temperatures discourage the use of the fireplace.

And just inside my back door:

More clear jewels with a splattering of blues and silvers mixed in to add some color. All flanked by a picture of Stacy, Robin and I enjoying our Snow Day in Central Park. (Sweet memories!)

I had purchased fresh flowers Sunday before last while grocery shopping. The roses all died, but the white mums (or whatever they are) are still looking fresh. I discarded the roses and moved the mums to a smaller vase to sit on the dining room table.

And finally, to make the outside look a little colder, I hung the white patio lights on the deck and placed a snowflake at the back door.

Winter Wonderland in 60 degree weather? Maybe not...but I like how it looks...and how it makes me smile.


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I think it looks great! I could send you some of our snow if you wanted...we have WAY too much! Angie xo

Stacy said...

how awesome - fun shopping around the house! I think you did a great job capturing the feel of winter!

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Those are amazing pieces!

Brenda said...

Nice looks like a layout of smething Nate would shopping around the house or at Moms