Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Rodgers Family Goes To The Zoo

A few weeks ago, Meagan and Derrick decided to take Davin to the zoo. The day was beautiful but cool, which here in Houston means you actually have a chance to see all of the animals out enjoying the sun. (Most of the time it is too hot for the bears and big cats so they stay inside.)

Bri tagged along to take pictures. And...since the pictures are on my camera...and since Meagan doesn't have a blog...I am going to share the pictures even though I wasn't even there!

Meagan and Davin

Isn't this groundhog the cutest?

Nope! I guess not! This one is!

I have no idea what she is crawling through...but I love that smile!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders.

Davin loves 'Melman'!

How would you like to wake up to that tongue licking your face?

I love this picture! I don't think I have ever seen the male lion up moving around when I was visiting. He looks like he is shaking out his mane...kind of like those supermodels in the shampoo commercials. Don't you think?

Meerkats are much cuter on television!

Well, it is time to go home! Thanks for coming along with us!
(I asked Meagan if it felt like the paparazzi was following her around all day. Bri had over 800 pictures from the zoo and a lot of them reminded me of something you would see in People magazine of a celebrity with their family. Ha! Oh well, we do call them the Royal Family on the blog...seeing as how her Poppy made her Princess and all!)


Allen and Rita Smith said...

I can't believe Meagan was on her hands and knees crawling through a hole. I loved the pic of Davin and Daddy with their heads popped up like a gopher. I want to do that. The next time I come out, I definitely want to go to the zoo. Maybe Davin can show me all the great sights. He sure looked like he had a great time.

How does a person take 800 pictures? I can't even imagine that. Wow!!

Graceful said...

Oh my gosh...800 pictures!! You sure had a lot to choose from him -- and you picked some good ones. That prairie dog viewing tunnel is pretty cool.