Thursday, January 6, 2011

Got Sugar?

Happy 2011! I hope you and yours are finding your niche after all the holiday craziness has subsided.

We returned home from our New Year's trip to Arkansas on Monday and Tuesday (long story). But we had a wonderful visit with Jim's side of the family. Games of Farkle and Pictionary and Moon, Moon were laughed over time and again...while eating WAY TOO MUCH. Memaw sure believes in feeding her crew!

Bri and I had to backtrack to pick up the Suburban from repairs, so we didn't make it home until Tuesday morning. Barely made it home in time to enjoy some family bonding in front of the television watching the Sugar Bowl.

Lots more food...

all in red and white to honor our Razorbacks.
Meagan hosted the party at our house since we have the bigger television. Meatball subs, spicy chicken nuggets, chips and salsa along with red velvet cupcakes...yum!
And during the game, I was invited to chill on my new Christmas present (a chaise lounge big enough for three) with this handsome young man.
He had lots of stories to tell me about his new 'school' and his new friends.
My beloved Hogs weren't able to pull off the win in the end...but really, how can I complain when surrounded by so much love?
PS: for those who have, I did not get a buck...or anything else for that matter. But I did enjoy some quiet time on the deer stand!


Tammy said...

quiet time, especially in nature, is always relaxing!

Kelli said...

Memaw is italian... its in her blood. I almost started cooking in the middle of our get together new yers day bc we had "just enough" food. Im used to dads golden rule better to have too much than not enough!