Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

It has been nearly a month since Christmas.


Well, I guess I better hurry up and post all of these Christmas pictures!

Here are pictures from Christmas Eve.

Me and My Hero enjoying his Christmas present to me.

Bri and Meagan help me try it out.

As do Brooke, Maddux and Davin.

Matt and Kelli in front of the tree.

Derrick and Meagan

Our three girls: Kelli, Bri and Meagan

Our boys: Brian and Will with Pib

Davin opening presents


Maddux didn't want to put down his new football to open any more presents.

Tressa putting her new Santa hat on Will

Will doing the chicken dance.
(His sisters took pity on him and did it with him.)
We had a great time opening presents as a family...and later as we ate shrimp etouffee and played Dirty Santa with friends.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.
And remember, there is still time to share a pictures!

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

Love your Christmas present but I do have one question. How wide does Jim think your butt is? I think I would be a little insulted unless he got it so all the grandkids could get in Nonna's lap at the same time.