Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Closet Calamity

As the chaos that was 2011 was coming to an end, Jim and I verbalized one wish to each other in regards to 2012...we wanted to get the house cleaned out and organized!

And just to make sure that we got the point, the day before we left to visit his parents for New Years -- THIS HAPPENED!
Total Closet Failure!
Two of the four closet shelving units came crashing to the floor sometime between us coming in from work and going to bed that night.

The week following our return home, Jim was able to reinstall one of the racks with new hardware...but the largest section was not going back the way it had come down. 

I spent some time cleaning in there the weekend that Mother was in for a visit and I finished it up a week this past weekend we installed in the master bedroom closet what was originally purchased to be my new housewares closet system. 

Plus, while tearing down that old travel trailer weekend before last, Jim found a salvageable shelf to use too.  Score!
The view from the bathroom...that shelf with Jim's shoes on it came from the old travel trailer.
These shelves didn't come crashing down in the Closet Calamity of 2011...but, this side needed straightening up too.  Thanks to Bri and Meagan, my clothes have been lovingly sorted and my accessories put in order.
My side of the Bri and Meagan
And this is the Closet Maid system that I had purchased for use in the laundry room closet.  Oh, how I have fallen in L.O.V.E. with Closet Maid.  Jim says that the only way these shelves are coming down again is if the whole wall craters.  He was converted to the Closet Maid system as soon as he opened the package of hardware and saw REAL anchor bolts for its installation!
The shared closet...part His and part Hers. 
This is the new Closet Maid system...and I LOVE it!

Oh, the joy that comes from an organized closet!!
The view from the home office/sitting room/adult retreat.
Let's see how long we can keep our bench cleared off and actually use it for it's original purpose --  a place to sit and put on our shoes!
By way of full disclosure: we received no compensation from Closet Maid in the restoration of our master closet. But, if Closet Maid should happen to read this and desire to send me a new system for my laundry room closet...that would be totally acceptable to me! LOL!


B said...

WOWW I Just Love It!!

Way to go Jim and you. But and Meagan have done a great job.

My closet looked like that the last time I lost a diamond earring I was searching every corner of the house. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. I've wanted a closet system for a long time. I just can't get Allen to put one up. Our closet isn't near this big but I can see A LOT of unused space in our closet. Maybe this will inspire him. A girl can dream. ha ha How hard was it to put up? I didn't realize how much clothes you have or is that an illusion? I fold a lot of my shirts and put in my dresser. Do you hang everything up?