Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Many Things To Do And So Little Time

We are three weeks into 2012...I am a little over a week into my year of 'No Excuses'...and I a beginning to wonder if there is enough time to do all of the things that I want to do!

I shared some of my daily goals with y'all last week.  On top of those, I have a list of things that I want to do in 2012.

Things like:
  • take a photography class to finally learn how to use my digital camera.  I LOVE viewing Kristen's 'Click Class' posts and REALLY want to take her class.  Sigh!  If I could just find time in my schedule to travel to Colorado and join in the fun!  I keep looking on the Internet for something similar here in Houston (we are America's fourth largest city after all)...but so far, nada.
  • get crafty again.  Once upon a time, in another life, when I didn't work outside the home...I loved woodworking.  And pre-children, I enjoyed cross-stitching.  I want to get back to doing creative things.  Especially when I read Angela's posts over at Button Bird Designs
  • make time for special relationships - this includes the time I want to spend with the grandchildren, but also time with friends and family.  I would love to have a family reunion with my dad's side of the family this year...and my mom's side next year...and extended time with Jim's family...and so forth and so on.  Regularly scheduled lunches and dinners with friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER...or since last month.  Wink!
  • Jim turns the big 5-0 this year, and since I am pretty sure he NEVER reads my blog I'll go ahead and say it now...I want to throw a big bash to celebrate this man who stole my heart 30+ years ago and still takes my breath away every single day.  (Lest you are feeling a little queasy right now, sometimes it's because he makes me so mad I cannot speak...ha!)
  • read for fun more - for Christmas I asked the kids to just buy me a good book (something they read and liked or something that caught their eye) now, in addition to what I already had on my nightstand, I have four VERY different books lined up and ready to go!
  • attend women's Bible study - the first one started last night and it felt good to be back...but that means one night a week that I am not at home.  Thank goodness for the Crock Pot!
  • TRAVEL!!!  Oh, how I love to travel!  A return trip to NYC is already on the calendar for February.  Grandmas Gone Wild, baby!  And the week at the lake house has been scheduled for July...along with a trip to West Memphis for our nephew's graduation this spring.  And of course, the annual trip to the deer lease for Thanksgiving...and New Year's in NE Arkansas.  But I would also like to go see my friend, August, in Las Vegas this year too.  (It has been too long!!!)  And I never made it to Atlanta to see my niece, Naiz, cheer last, I would like to do that.  And, of course, I would love to go watch my Hogs play football this fall. 
As you can see, my eyes are bigger than my calendar...and much bigger than my wallet!  So, I have to be purposeful in making sure that I use my time wisely and not overbook myself.   And yet, I also want to be intentional and make time for things that are important and that I enjoy...or else I'll look back on December the 31st and regret the things I didn't make time for!

How about you?  Any plans for 2012 that you are looking forward to?  Any things you didn't do in 2011 that you are determined to make happen in 2012?  I would love to hear!


B said...

Way to go! WoW I have no doubt the time will multiply or you can do these.

Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer. Divide you list into must do's and want to do. Do your must do's and throw in a want to do every now and then if you can. I heard the other day to accomplish something you just had to do it. Easier said than done, I know. But she went on to say put it on your calendar; plan it and you will do it. I've started putting things on my I Phone calendar and so far I've done everything. Good luck and I hope I'm invited to Jim's birthday bash.
Call me if you need help with the party.

Love you,

Shelly said...

We are going to Vegas in October :) you should go with us...or actually meet us there! I'm ready for another trip to Chicago, but would really like to fit a trip in this summer to Mall of America in Minnesota! We are also planning to take the girls to Disney this year, plus make the Thanksgiving trip to Arkansas for hunting! Going to be a busy year if we can fit it all in!! Can't wait to see you...miss you so much!!