Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Links 1/20/12

If you have some extra time this weekend, I think you might enjoy perusing some of these wonderful blog posts.

  • Seven Ways To Keep Your Home Strong - Ann Voskamp writes about making our homes into houses of prayer.
  • Homekeeping & Happy Homes - Boy, do I ever need this reminder from Serena that homes are not meant to be magazine perfect all of the time.  Sometimes I feel like everyone in the blogosphere has it all together, except me. 
  • Meet My Sister - This week on the Living Proof blog, Beth Moore introduced us to her sister.  In this first part of Gay's testimony I am powerfuly reminded of the redeeming love of Jesus Christ...especially in the life of a family.


Deidra said...

It's always good to see you over at Jumping Tandem. Thanks for stopping by. And for these links. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely check these out.