Thursday, May 14, 2009

Falling For Books

I tried...honestly, I did. I told myself that I was NOT going to buy any more novels until I finished the books on my nightstand. I am nearly halfway through 'Boundaries With Teens' and about that far into 'How to Solve Your People Problems'. I won't even try to imply that I have been reading the organizing or HR books. I just can't get into any of them.

I read 'A Wrinkle In Time' last weekend. It was an easy read, but not as engaging as the Chronicles of Narnia to me.

As I was visiting one of my favorite blogs today, I happened upon another blog through the comments. This blogger participates in a monthly book club and I thought to myself..."I think I would like to do that". And then reality brought me back to work. I passed the remainder of the day immersed in contract billings and filing, not giving it another thought.

Just before leaving work for the day, I stopped by the 5 Minutes for Books blog and noticed the announcement for next month's book club. I tried participating in their Classics Book club a few months back. I enjoyed reading 'Pride and Prejudice' but I never got around to writing a post about it...and I couldn't keep up with one classic book a, I had forgotten all about it. Since then, they have not only decided to alternate classics with contemporary books, but also to give two months between books. I figured this was my chance to try again.

Since Jim is leaving for a golf weekend tomorrow afternoon, I wanted to pick up the book today so that I would have something fun to read while he is out of town. I stopped by Barnes and Noble after work and wouldn't you know it...the book was sitting right there on the front display. And so was 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' , a book I have heard is another great read.

I figured while I was in there I would go ahead and pick up the next book club read, 'Rebecca', for August. Since I only had one more novel on my current 'to read' list, I went in search of it as well. Alas, I was unable to find 'Gardenias For Breakfast'...but 'The Trophy Wives Club' did catch my eye, so I threw it on the stack.

After picking up the latest editions of Today's Christian Woman and Girlfriend Getaways magazines, I finally made it to the cash register. I think I will should be set with reading materials for a week or two. After all, I only have one more week of American Idol to occupy my evenings.

How about you? Any guilty pleasures you have allowed yourself this week?


Anonymous said...

I too have tried to read more substantial books but I'm having trouble sticking to them. I've tried bio's, classics, religion, and nothing works. I guess I read for pure relaxation not for intellectual reasons. HA HA.

Good luck

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I am SO glad that the new lighter bookclub schedule is an incentive for you to participate.

I'm so glad that you will be joining in with Everyone is Beautiful on Tuesday. We will be doing some different things throughout next week with this bookclub, with prizes sponsored by the author -- so stay tuned!!