Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seeing Red

...or fuchsia, actually, after watching last night's American Idol results.

Debbie and Casy are in town for follow up appointments from his last surgery. This lends itself to exciting AI watching with five us gathered around the television giving our 'expert' opinions.

After Tuesday night's performances, I was sure that my guy Kris was on his way out the door. Not that he did poorly during 'Rock Night', but because he ranked second or third in the night's performances.

I am biased, I know, but I would have rated them:

Everyone from the blogs to the radio to the judges LOVED Adam...but to me, he was screeching and Broadway-esque in that I felt like his Led Zeppelin impersonation was just that, an impersonation like you would see in a rock opera. Didn't like it...none of us did (but especially the three of us that are over 40). Somehow he was given the title 'Rock God' by the judges and most of America though.

And I think this was the problem for Allison...who I felt nailed the Janis Joplin song 'Crybaby'. Oh my! Forgive me for saying so...but I thought she did better than the original. I plan on downloading that performance. The first time I have ever downloaded an AI song to my iPod. But, she followed Mr. Rock God and was sorely overlooked by the judges.

I will not even comment on the duets because I honestly feel that they were staged and biased.

Kris's performance of 'Come Together' I found to be surprising. I didn't think he would do as well as he maybe that is why I would place him at number two instead of three. Adam should have rocked me since this was his genre, but since it was more of a production than a performance, I would have ranked Kris as my number two because he delivered more than I was expecting.

Danny, Danny, Danny...what were you thinking? Aerosmith? Really? You want to take on Steven Tyler's 'Dream On' complete with the ending note? Really? Did you not have someone to consult with over this decision? I admire him for not playing it safe...but based on the performances of the night, I think Danny should have went home.

Since Danny had never been in the bottom three, I (and most of America) really thought it would be Kris going home...though he didn't deserve it.

We were elated when he was the first one sent to safety...and you could see it on his face too. But when Adam was sent to safety...I just knew that the ride was over for Danny. Instead it was Allison. The young girl with the fantastic voice. The one who was coming out of her shell and growing by leaps and bounds every week. (I think her and Kris both are just getting better as time passes.) I was frustrated! Allison did not deserve to be sent home...and this coming from a Danny fan. I will miss her fuchsia colored hair next week.

But boy, did she go out in style!

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Miss August said...

I really don't know any of these contestants since I have never watch AI. But do I enjoy reading your comment/blogging about them.

You crack me up (in a good way)... I still can't imagine you to be an American Idol fan(atic)!

I'm a big fan of Project Runway, and you can probably call me a PR fanatic too! I'm just sad they haven't been showing them due to legal dispute between networks.