Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh, Ye of Little Faith

Okay, ya'll know I am not one to comment much on sporting events unless there is a jersey on the field/court that has a Goode in it...but I have to commend the Houston Rockets on their stunning upset of the LA Lakers last night.

Way to Go!!!!

No one thought you could do one gave you credit for the decisive win in Game 4...every one seemed to think that Sunday would be Game 1 for the Lakers and the Nuggets.

You guys have showed class and guts, all the while being discredited by commentators and sports writers alike. You have stepped up to the plate despite the loss of three top players (T-Mac, Yao and Dikembe) and tied the series against the 'superstars' of Kobe and Lamar Odom. You have been tough in the face of poor sportsmanship...and I will never tire of the sight that is Shane Battier's hand right in Kobe's face during his jump shot, yet without fouling. No matter how well you perform, the media focuses on the Laker's like they have just made a slight mental mistake on the court.

So, to all those who said 'maybe next year' after Tuesday night's about 'MAYBE THIS YEAR'?

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