Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Is A "You Had To Be There" Collage

I was uploading the pictures from Easter onto the computer yesterday and found five that I wanted to share.

I will start with this.
This was the most delectable marble bundt cake...unfortunately, it didn't want to come out of the cake pan. After this fiasco, Aunt Camille forbid Carolyn from getting anywhere near the other two bundt cakes for Easter dinner. It was delicious though...and we didn't have to wait until Easter to eat it! I don't think Aunt Camille will leave us to do the baking again anytime soon.

Bri served as sous chef for the fish fry. I was proud of her for jumping in to help feed the Jenkins army. She had battering the fish down to an art form by the time they finished. Steve B. and Steve W. did the actual frying.

Jessica went with us for this trip. Here is a picture of her and Brian sitting around the campfire waiting for dinner to be called. Don't they look sweet?

And this is Miss Taylor. My how she has grown since they visited us last April! I love that precious smile of hers.
And finally, my favorite picture from the trip...

Casy 'cheezin' for the camera. After all that he has been through in the last 16 is good to see him smiling.
I will try to have pictures of the grand babies for you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The next time you are in Wal-Mart or Michael's buy Wilton's Cake release. In Michael's it is in the cake isle of course but in Wal-Mart go to the wedding department. You will find it with the Wilton's frosting and cake decorating tips. Perfect every time. I promise. If you and Carolyn screw up with that, then I will have to side with Camille and throw you two out of the kitchen. HA HA


klham said...

I love my family... there is no way I am missing family reunion next year!