Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Houston...I Think We Have A Stalker

About six weeks ago, we were sitting on the deck enjoying a visit with Glen and Debbie when Glen noticed that our sweet friends had returned from their winter in Mexico.

I quickly went about preparing a cool and refreshing drink for them in hopes that they might possibly hang around until time to head south again. We hung the feeders on the porch of the little trailer so that the hummingbirds can enjoy relief from the sun and we can watch from the deck or the kitchen window.

This past Sunday, Jim called for me to come check out the view.

If you look real close, you will notice that the long "leaf looking thing" in front of the feeder is actually a ruby throated hummingbird enjoying his Sunday brunch. At least that is what I thought Jim called me out to see.

Then he directed my attention to the top of the scene and a little to the left. Do you see her?

That is Bri's cat, Zoe, very casually reclining on the roof of the porch. Or is she?

I think by the look on that face that she may have ulterior motives for hanging out above the hummingbird feeders!


Anonymous said...

She is probably thinking that y'all put it in the perfect spot for her to catch a snack or two.

Keep a close eye on her. Cats are real sneaky.


Robin said...