Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Afternoon With The Girls

All three of our girls were involved in fine arts while in junior high and high school. Choir, dance, theatre, chorale...each one had their niche. Jim and I have sat through multiple performances as they acted or sang or danced or worked behind the scenes.

Thankfully, they still have a love of the arts. Otherwise my whole life would consist of sports and the outdoors.

For the last three years the girls have received tickets to a musical as part of their Christmas. It all started four years ago when Meagan gifted me with a pair of tickets for her and I to see The Nutcracker Ballet here in Houston. We had a wonderful afternoon and talked about how much her sisters would have loved it...Kelli, the dancing and Bri, the sets.

I decided then and there that we would make it an annual event to attend a performance of one sort or the other. The first year we saw 'Wicked', preceded by dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe Houston. (Rosa and I saw it on Broadway last November and I have to say the Broadway Across America production was just as fabulous as the On Broadway one.) The next year, we traveled to San Antonio to see Bri's favorite musical, "Phantom of the Opera" and stayed on the Riverwalk. The San Antonio theatre is GORGEOUS! It was really like stepping back in time when you enter the Majestic.

Yesterday we attended

Last November, I was searching for the show we would see this year and couldn't find one that excited me. One day, I got online to do some other Christmas shopping and I had an email informing me that I could buy tickets for the TUTS (Theater Under The Stars) production of Rent: The Broadway Tour before they went on sale to the public. On a whim, I went to the website, chose a date and clicked 'Best Available' seats. Would you believe we got second row center orchestra seats?

The seats were absolutely wonderful! Row B turned out to actually be the fourth row in Hobby Center...but still, the view was amazing. We had the best time. Bri was the only one who had seen the movie. Meagan was familiar with some of the songs from her days in Chorale...but had no idea about the play. Plus, there was dancing for Kelli. We had a great time watching a top notch production which included the original cast members who play Roger and Mark.

We ended our day at the Downtown Aquarium where we enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner complete with appetizers and dessert. (We shared.)

As I told Jim when we were leaving..."Thank you for giving me three girls!" It is so much fun to attend things like this with someone who enjoys it as much, if not more, than you.

Now, if I could just convince him to get us season tickets...or send all four of us to Broadway!


klham said...

I will tell dad you need season tickets... someday we will make it to new york together!

Tammy said...

Were yal (grandmas) able to see a broadway show when yal went to NY? When my mom and I went when I was pregnant with Colton I really enjoyed it. I have never been to a show here... I have begged Kyle to go, but he refuses. I can't wait to start taking Colton to the Disney on Ice type of shows! I LOVED those when I was little

Fonda said...

Tammy, we did see a show in NY. We saw Jersey Boys and it was fantastic! Sounds like you should join us for our girls night each year. Just let me know.

Kelli, I asked Daddy for season tickets...he said he would just buy us the videos and pop us some popcorn for $20 a night! ha!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to live in a big city where you can see shows like that. We have a few broadway type shows here but the tickets are around a $100 a piece. Maybe when Brittany moves to Dallas, she and I can go. She's my only theater girl anyway. Paige is my dancing girl. I'm so happy that you are able to share this with your girls.