Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Wedding Day Pictures

I'll save y'all from my incessant chattering about all things wedding today and just put a few words in the caption of the pictures. Enjoy!
"Here Comes The Bride"
Bri with Davin, Maddux, and Brooke
We could not get all three to stand up with their signs facing forward and right side up for longer than three we finally just made a video!

Sweet one of Bri and Brooke

Josh and Bri -- ready for the adventure that awaits them.

Sharing a kiss

Their wedding rings

May their boots find their homes forever side by side!

Our Bride and Groom

Marriage is a balancing act that it is best done holding on to one another, don't you think?. 

Yeah, he's a keeper!  See how much she loves him?

Chelsea, Bri and Jennifer...because every new bride really needs her girlfriends!

His future is so bright, he had to steal Jennifer's shades!
Davin, Jim, Josh, Bri and Jennifer

I will try to load pictures from the party tomorrow!


Brenda said...

JUST love it! God bless their boots forever.
Thanks for sharing wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Josh is pretty good at balancing. He is definitely a keeper. Your girl made a great choice.