Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Links: 5/27/12

Here is some of the "good stuff" I ran across while reading this (last) week.   Hope you have time to take a look.
  • Pushing the River by Michelle at Graceful.  I have recorded the following quote from her in my 'mini-me' notebook.  "Sometimes I realize that I'm practicing how to have a realtionship with God, rather than actually being in relationship with him."  Good stuff!
  • Veggie Pasta - love her or hate her, you have to admit that Jillian Micheals makes a difference in the lives of those she trains.  I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of calories in pasta dishes, and we eat them at least once a week.  I need to keep this idea in mind during next week's spaghetti feast!
  • The Number One Thing That Is Getting In Your Way - This one by Emily at Chatting At The Sky has me thinking...and pondering...and hoping I have a little something else to share with you next week.
  • Listening - Lisa Leonard wrote this post over at (in)courage and, oh boy, she so could have been talking about me.  A timely reminder, indeed.

This was supposed to post last Sunday, but for some reason it never happened.  Enjoy!

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