Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Laugh Or Cry

My fears have become a reality.  I put it all out there for y'all to see...setting it up to post on Monday while I was away from the computer for the weekend.  (That way I couldn't chicken out of posting!) 

Monday morning I woke early, grabbed the bathroom scales and weighed myself.  I had GAINED 1 pound!  Seriously! 

Where it all went wrong:
  1. I did not write down a single thing that went into my mouth all weekend.
  2. It was a holiday weekend with the boys gone so mealtime was not structured and the snacking took over.
  3. On Sunday night Jim and I went to dinner with friends.  We drove to Jim's favorite place, a country seafood restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  Almost everything on the menu was fried...and everything that I chose to eat was fried.  Fried pickles, Boudan balls, crawfish pie, catfish fillet, fried crawfish.  I did at least have the sense to order smothered okra with tomato.  It was the only healthy thing I ate all night.  And I was sick all night after eating so much fried foods!
  4. I only worked out three times last week.  Will missed the bus one morning and the other we had to leave early for his doctor's appointment.
Y'all, I am seriously kicking myself this week!  I want to ball up in the fetal position and just sob.  Instead, I am going to tell y'all a little story about my workout video to encourage you to accept where are you are on this journey and just go with it.

Several months ago, while reading a magazine, I spotted an advertisement for a "20 minute exercise video" by Tonya Larson.  This particular advertisement appealed to me for two reasons: it was only a 20 minute commitment and it boasted a time of stretching and meditation to Scripture.  I went to my local Lifeway Christian Store and picked up a copy of Tonya's video. 

Upon getting it home, I realized that I needed a stability ball in order to complete the workouts and I could not find mine.  (In a house full of young adult children, these types of things disappear all the time!)  So, two days later, I head to WalMart on my lunch hour for a stability ball.

While reading the packages to determine what size I needed, I noticed a Jane Fonda workout video hanging on the wall.  Once upon a time, when I was much, much younger and had much prettier legs, I did Jane Fonda workouts with a neighbor and enjoyed them.  (Well, as much as you can enjoy whipping your body into submission.)  I noticed that the video cover boasted two workouts and when I turned it over the amount of time was 20 minutes each.  I can do that!

So, I head home with my Jane Fonda Prime Time: Trim Tone & Flex workout video.  Thursday morning I pop in the video and do the Upper Body workout.  Jane makes me work up a little sweat as she has me gently stretching and reaching and doing rows with hand weights.  While 'warming up out wrists' she makes mention of the need to keep our joints lubricated by stretching.  I'm thinking to myself, "that is an odd comment".  But then I'm off to the shower and quiet time before heading into work.

Friday morning I am actually excited to get up and complete the Lower Body Workout.  At some point during this workout, she wants me to sit in a chair and lift my heel off the floor.  She begins talking about the muscle around the side of the knee cap and how we need to keep it strong "because there are XXX number of falls in the United States annually, most of them by women."  What???

And then she begins talking about some of those falls leading to death.  Then the clincher about "us women in our 50's, 60's and 70's."  Y'all that is what Prime Time means!!!  Suddenly she is talking about osteoporosis and the meds that challenge our balance.  I am laughing to myself when she suddenly says, "Keep on trying, Fonda!"  She is talking about her own struggle with finding her sense of balance...but, needless to say, she is using my name which I NEVER hear unless someone is referring to me!

That is when I absolutely crack up!  I am exercising with a 74 year old woman and she is KICKING MY BEHIND! 

I would be mortified if Jim walked into the living room and heard any of those references...but I am still working out with Jane!  Between her and Tonya I am finding my flexibility again.  While Tonya makes me sweat more, Jane makes me stretch more...and I need them both!

So, if you find yourself getting your rear end kicked at the gym by a woman nearly half your age and you just want to quit; remember me.  In my living room, working out with a 74 year old woman that has me all red faced while her hair remains perfectly coiffed! 

Tammy at Loving Every Second of My Life suggested in the comments Monday that perhaps we could all check in on Wednesday with our goals, successes and struggles to find encouragement.  I would love to hear from all of you.  So, if you have a blog...please leave us a link to your post in the comments so we can follow along.  If you don't have a blog and would like to join us on Wednesdays, just leave a comment with those same thoughts.  Even if your goal isn't weight loss, we all need encouragement at we try to work toward healthy life changes.


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I stepped on the scales after working out and eating better and not losing one little ounce. Then Allen would announce he lost 5 pounds. It is very discouraging. Not to mention I wanted to deck him. ha ha. It took me a while, but I learned to accept it is okay. In fact, once I learned to give myself a cheat day, it was much easier to stay on my "diet". I don't really like that word. Women have to work twice as hard to lose the same weight as men. Not fair, I know, but those are the facts. Keep up the great work but don't get discouraged. You deserve to give yourself a break. Pick a day that you can eat anything you want. It will make the other 6 days easier.


Brenda said...

Well I think you are doing great. Yes I mention weight loss around the house and so far Art is losing, he is the one eating.
I go without meat or bread a day eat wheat and salad watch it all.

You should have a time with Jim if you want to eat at favorite place you are making up for it everywhere else.. You will do it!


Stacy said...

it was just probably the salt from the food - drink plenty of water :) you are doing a great job - keep it up!

Robin said...

your doing fine...u just start the next day fresh, every day doesnt have to be perfect...