Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Mother's Day Weekend

I have been so busy this week, trying to get the last wedding pics up and get Will ready for prom on Saturday, that I forgot to post the pictures from our Mother's Day Weekend! Yikes!

Okay, this first one is a just a glimpse into our Saturday night gathering "What Will It Bee?"  Meagan and Derrick decided that they wanted to make the gender reveal a reason for celebration this time around.  So, they went to the doctor on Friday evening for the ultrasound BUT they didn't let the technician tell them what they were having. 

Instead, they called Kristi at Kristi's Cakery (she did Bri's cakes), handed the phone to the technician and LEFT!  That's was also a surprise to them! 

Saturday night we gathered to the cutest decorations.  Meagan had everything in theme.  After enjoying a dinner of barbecue and playing a game of Pictionary, it was time to cut the cake to see if the inside was pink or blue.  Davin did the cutting and...
it was pink!!!  If you are friends with Meagan on Facebook you should take the time to watch the video of when they cut it.  You will see how excited they were and how surprised!  But, when I asked Davin what pink meant, he said, "It's a boy!"  Oh, well, he'll enjoy his sister too. 

(Meagan will probably be posting pictures of the whole event on her blog soon.  She is in Arkansas with Jim for Casey's graduation this weekend.)

My family spoils me rotten on Mother's Day.  I thank My Hero for this fact.  He set the bar high when the kids were younger and encourages them to keep it high.

I was the first one up on Sunday morning, but other than make a pot of coffee, I did NOTHING!

A little later, Bri and Meagan came in with these.
Aren't they beautiful?  And those sprig-gy things bloomed a few days later to make this.

I don't know what it is but it looks like tiny orchids on each stem.

I was then sent to my room while they got my Mother's Day gift ready for me.

I loved all the red and white.  I told Jim that they were getting me ready to celebrate the Razorbacks National Championship next season!

After a delicious meal of Grilled Pork Loin (Jim), Green Bean Casserole (Meagan) and Company's Potatoes (Bri), we sat on the back deck and talked until it was time to head out to the pond to feed the fish.
Davin was fascinated with the....
tadpoles!  He played with them the whole day and even took some home with him in a Mason jar.

While out at the pond I snapped this picture of Meagan and Derrick chilling on the four wheeler.
Jim jumped into the paddle boat at one point and headed out to the middle of the pond with the dogs.

The yellow one, Allie, is Jim's dog.  Hoss, the black one, is mine, I guess.  He was born on the property and though everyone claimed him at one he hangs beside me when I am outside. 
You can tell Hoss is part Labrador retriever because when I called him from the middle of the pond...
...he dove right in...

...and swam across the pond to me.  Allie is not a water dog.  She may look like a yellow lab, but she is a yellow mountain cur and wants as little to do with water as possible.

And for fairness sake, here is the 'baby' of the family.  Pib has been with us since the kids were little and he is the only one allowed in the house.  (With the exclusion of thunderstorms, when Allie has to be inside too!) 

We call him the 'Old Man' because he is getting very gray.  He has passed down along most of the children and is now William's dog.    Not sure how much longer he is going to be around, but when he is gone, remind me that I NEVER want another house dog!

Everyone left around dark and headed home...but it was a good, good day! 


Anonymous said...

sounds as if you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Tell Davin I always liked the tadpoles too and the minnows. Can't forget them. Maybe he can take me to the pond to "fish" for tadpoles the next time we come down.


Brenda said...

Sounds grand!. What a beautiful weekend for all of you .Meagan's video was thrilling so much joy and excitement.