Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spa Day!!!

The day before Bri's Big Day, she wanted to spend some time with the girls.  She invited her sisters, her future sister, her best friend, and her future mother-in-law to spend the afternoon with us at the spa.

We were greeted to a table full of snacks, juices and water.
We all swore that we were going home to fix our own pitchers of ice water with lemon and cucumber.  I haven't...YET...but it is definitely on my to-do list.

With serene music playing in the background and this rose petal fountain in the sitting area, I think I could have just sat there all day and been sufficiently relaxed.
(So, of course, now I am trying to figure out how to get this to fit in my home office area.  At the very least I need to surround sound some soothing music, right?)

Don't we all look cute and comfy in those plush cotton robes?
Brianne and Jennifer

Chelsea and Kim had taken a wrong turn, so they came in a little later and I was unable to snap their arrival picture.  I was off for a wonderfully relaxing massage by Naomi.  I almost fell asleep...for real! 

As she was finishing up, I could hear the laughter coming from the other room.  I walked in to find Chelsea, Kim and Meagan finishing up their mani/pedi's and laughing so hard that there were a few tears shed.
Though, some of those tears on Kim's face may have been from other thinking about her baby boy getting married the next day! 

By the end of the day, Meagan and Bri had also had a nice long visit with Naomi and were as relaxed as I was.  Poor Chelsea had a deep tissue massage, so I can't say it was necessarily relaxing...but she did say her shoulder had not felt so loose and open in years!  Jennifer and Bri had hot stone massages and raved over them.

Once everyone was nice and relaxed, we headed over to Carino's for an Italian dinner.

We sat in the bar area so that our laughter and chatter wouldn't bother the 'serious' diners...and boy, did we laugh and talk and laugh some more.  It was a wonderful day.

Once we wrapped up our two and a half hour dinner, we headed to the mall to do some last minute shopping for the bride-to-be. 

It was such fun just hanging out with these beautiful ladies for the day.  I wish Kelli had been able to join us for our day of pampering.  Maybe next time...because we all swore we were doing this more often!

{If you are looking for a day spa in the Houston area, check out Elan Day Spa in North Houston.  I was first introduced to this place when a dear friend arranged for me to go in for a massage to pamper myself before Kelli's Big Day.  I went back last winter with girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  I love that when you have two or more, you can have the whole place to yourselves!  Wonderful!}


Stacy said...

how fun! so glad that you all could have that done and be relaxed before Bri's big day!!

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I really, really need a massage. The next time Allen and I come down there we (you and I) will definitely have to get to Elan's. Tell Jim to have something for him and Allen to do while we are gone.