Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Links: 5/12/12

If you have some time to peruse the World Wide Web this weekend, I recommend the following:

  • What do relationships and frogs have to do with one another?  You will have to read Sarah's post at (in)courage from last Wednesday to find out.  It is a good read!
  • I loved this vignette from High Calling Blog about motherhood.  (And by the way, I did name our bull calf Sir Loin...but Jim and Bri changed it!)
  • I found this link in Ann Voskamps blog on Wednesday.  Their story is a thing of beauty...not in the traditional sense...but in the God's marvelous grace kind of way.  If you haven't watched Ian and Larissa Murphy's story yet, you should.  But with a tissue at the ready -- you've been forewarned.

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