Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding Pictures...Finally!!

Wednesday, April 25th was the BIG day.  Bri and Josh had an appointment at the County Courthouse to tie the knot - 11:00 sharp.  This was the scene outside at about 11:05! 

The Bride's 'Goode Family' entourage (minus Will and Derrick) on our way inside for the nuptials. Kelli and Meagan had come over to the house EARLY to do Bri's hair and makeup...so I am thinking all seven of us, a Bride and three children under the age of 5 only being five minutes late is a feat!

Bri tried to keep Josh from seeing her before the ceremony, but as we waited on the judge...he caught sight of her outside the courtroom doors.  So, she decided to go ahead in and sit with him while we waited.

Don't they look as nervous as two cats on a tin roof in July? 

And then the Judge made her way into the courtroom for the ceremony.

He did...

...and she did...
...and they kissed...

...and the Judge pronounced them, 'husband and wife'.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Allen

(Though Brooke told Kelli later in the day that it was not official until they danced!  Like Cinderella and Prince Charming!)

Jim and I are so happy to have Josh as our third son-in-love... and I think Kim and Elvin are pretty excited about gaining a new daughter too.

The judge had left us in the courtroom so that we could take all the pictures that we wanted.  Well, what can I say?  One should never leave my husband alone in a place like a doctor's exam room or an emergency room...and now I know...

...don't leave him alone in a courtroom either! 

Bri got kisses from all around.  Her daddy... and her niece and nephews...

...though they nearly took her down.  Each of the boys wanted to be on her lap without the other one getting in between!

Brian snapped this picture as Bri and Josh were heading out to take their picture in front of the courthouse.  I love it. 

The new Mr. and Mrs. Allen heading off into the world....together!

"Just Married"...in like the past fifteen minutes!

After the ceremony, the two families headed over to Erik's Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  Meagan and I surprised Bri with a wedding cake for her wedding day. (The big cake was ordered for the party.)  We were out shopping so late the night before for her 'trousseau' that I didn't get to stop and pick up a cake topper.  (We were trying to keep the cake a secret!)  So, her daddy came up with the following idea.

They look so happy! 

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Allen!  May you have a long and happy marriage filled with love and friendship!


Robin said...

love it....on our nextlunch/dinner date bring all the pics for me to see

Brenda said...

great love them...yes I want to see more

I have been having a lot trouble commenting

Stacy said...

what a happy couple! so very cute! can't wait to see all the pictures! love the cake topper ;)

Anonymous said...

The pictures that aren't staged are usually the ones you love the most. Thanks for sharing the BIG day with us.

We all had a great time seeing everyone at the reception.