Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What A Difference The Right Accessories Make

We are LOVING the new washer and dryer! Even Jim now sees the light and appreciates their efficiency. The number of loads needed to complete each week's laundry has been cut in half, at least.

We had a complication arise when we ordered them. They were not supposed to be delivered until April 27th. Of course, there was no way I could wait that long to do laundry! Sears graciously changed the order to get my washer and dryer here the next day...but the accessories (pedestals and work surface) could not be delivered until Monday.

Here they are in all their glory, properly accessorized and ready to go to work!
Aren't they beautiful?

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klham said...

Nice! I can't wait to get mine, the kids clothes may be small but they go through several outfits a day.