Friday, April 8, 2011

He's Got The Bulldog Spirit

Remember this picture from Homecoming Week back in October?

Well, it seems William has school spirit to spare. He played JV football, then he ran JV track and the day after his last track meet, he tried out for and made the Maroon Man Spirit Squad.

After one day of practice he can already do a running front flip! He is looking forward to competition season and will participate during football season for whichever team he is not on. (If he is on JV again next year, he will Maroon Man for Varsity and vice versa.)

It makes me a little nervous that he will be throwing cheerleaders in the air. My niece, Stevi, is a "flier" on a competition team and she has suffered a few injuries this year due to her "bases" catching her incorrectly or not throwing her evenly. So, I am praying that he stays focused and no one gets hurt!

Never a dull moment in the Goode Household, I tell you. How in the world did I do it when there were still five children at home?

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Kelli said...

awesome Job bubs!!!