Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hummingbirds Are Alot Like Grandchildren

...beautiful to look at and hard to capture in the camera lens! There were seven or eight hummingbirds buzzing around this feeder at once and about that many more at the one at the back door. Yet, the most I could capture with my camera were these three at the feeder and, if you look real closely, you will see the tail feathers of two more. (One to the left edge of the picture and one just below the curtain.)

That is about the luck I had at Easter trying to capture a good picture of the grandchildren!

Kelli corralled squirming munchkins.

Davin pouted just as the picture snapped.

I will not even go into how hard it was to get all eleven of us in one frame!

And yet, when we told them to go play and tried to take other pictures...

they seemed to magically appear...needing to empty a sandal of sand...

...or to take a breather on the step! (Why couldn't he 'cheese' like that when we were trying to get his picture?)

Oh well, we never claimed to be the perfect family...or even the most photogenic. We are just the Goode's. Welcome to our world!

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Brenda said...

Love these pictures! need to copy these.