Thursday, April 14, 2011

Out With The Hearts...In With The Hares!

I am trying to post more regularly here without boring you guys to death. And I was on a roll...until yesterday. As part of my 'Relationships' goals, I am trying to post six days a week. But, yesterday was a whirlwind at work, followed by a garden to-do list at home, so that I totally just ate dinner, soaked in a hot tub to loosen up my aching back and then went straight to bed!

It is not like I don't have a lot to tell you right now. I do. ALOT!

But today I am getting ready for our company's Annual Crawfish Boil. So, I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

I finally took down my Valentine's decorations on Saturday! I put up a few Easter items along with my clearanced Hobby Lobby flowers from a few years back. Boy, have I gotten my money's worth out of those babies!

This is a close-up of my teacup caddy that I picked up at Old Town Spring on a shopping trip with Robin last year. That's right, it has taken me a year to pull out the teacups and display them in their new caddy! I am nothing if not on top of things, y'all! (Wink!)

Each of those teacups has a story...if not my own. The top one is a Christmas gift from my Circle Of Friends - a group of ladies who started getting together once a month to build friendships. After the first year, we cut back to once a quarter...and now it is a few times a year. I don't get to attend as much as I would like since I have moved out in the 'boonies'...but each of those ladies holds a very special place in my heart and in my life.

The second cup is from my Grandma Fulton's magnolia blossom china. It is just so 'HER'. It looks so delicate, but it has weathered more than a few moves. A Southern Lady through and through...but let her get on the telephone with her sister in Michigan and the 'Yankee' would bleed through. Wow, how I miss her! I'm going to stop now before I cry!

The third cup is a gift from my Mother-In-Love a few years back. It is the perfect cup from her because back when Jim and I were dating and first married, she had the most BEAUTIFUL African Violet on her dining table! I had never seen one grow so big before...nor have I seen one since. She is a treasure still. With or without a huge African Violet on the table!

The last cup is from a set of china that I am sure graced some one's family table over the years before I "rescued" it from a local thrift store. I LOVE tableware...and it looked so lonely on the shelf. I just knew it would make the perfect Easter/Spring china.

This is the table by our back door. Those pictures of Davin and Brooke were taken last Easter and I cannot believe how much they have grown since then!

And finally, it isn't Easter related, but since we were decorating anyway and I had moved the family portrait from the mantel to put up the flowers. Bri and I did this:

I think it looks pretty good in Ernie's spot! (Ernie is Jim's mounted elk.) Ernie left to make room for the Christmas tree two years ago and hasn't found his way back home yet. He'll be moving back in once we get the walls painted...but until then, I think the family will just hang out in his spot!

Well, back to shopping for Crawfish Boil! I just needed to take a quick breather after the Sam's run. I'll put it to you like this...I will not be needing to visit a gym to get a workout today! Talk to y'all tomorrow.


Kelli said...

Ilove your mantle! I knew I got my love of thrift store tableware from somewhere :)! I have opted to work on my sewing skills instead of decorating... gotta be ready to make some pillows for you!

Brenda said...

So nice you realy do good girl! I was thinking of my Easter tree and glancing at the Fab. Egg I need Art to get down for me tonight. That will happen Friday, spent today with Sam big birthday we started out at HBU.
Looking Great love your style its Home with a story.

Anonymous said...

Did you get all of Grandma's china or did you just get to snag a cup? Hope you got all of it. I do miss her and grandpa. I've been thinking a lot about them lately. I wished they could have watched the girls grow up and see Ryker and any other future grandchildren.

Ernie needs to stay wherever he is and the family needs to be there permanently. I've always hated deer heads, etc in home decor.

Wished I were going to be in Houston this week. Crawfish bowl sounds like heaven.

Love you,

Stacy said...

I love where you put the family picture - it looks great in Ernie's spot! I really like the tea cup caddy as well!!