Friday, April 29, 2011

If I Knew I Could, I Would...

If I knew that I could write a Women's Bible study, I would. I have had an idea for the encouragement of women and the building up of community floating around in my head since I taught Sunday School five years ago...but I can't bring myself to actually do it. Fear of rejection is the biggest part of my reluctance. Yet lately, the Lord has been bringing that question to my mind again and again.

Maybe it is due to being asked to facilitate a small group again. Maybe it is my dear friend who keeps making the comment that I should write something to be published. Maybe it is time to step out on the limb of faith.

If I knew I could, I would...but I keep doubting whether it is from Him or from, I don't. That is a pretty scary statement to record on the written page for all the world to know!

Joining Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for

It is easy to join in, just read the prompt, set a timer for 5 minutes, write and hit publish. Okay, well to be totally honest, hitting publish is the hardest part!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Fonda! I found you on the Five Minute Friday link-up! I'm proud of you for stepping out in faith and saying you'd like to write a Bible study. And I feel, from reading your words, that your heart's really in it... you're not bragging that you could write a Bible study, or that you've heard God tell you to, or that you envy so-and-so who has written a Bible study. You just feel called to do it. I love that!


PS: I'm an editor and I've always wanted to edit a Bible study... maybe God put us side-by-side at The Gypsy Mama for a reason? ;-)

Kelli said...

I have dreamed of one day writing a book/study about what God is teaching me about the importance of relationships. I even have a journal with an outline started, but I am not nearly as good with words as you are and I still have much to learn. Still I hope to capture my journey, even if it is only something to pass on to Brooke. You have always been at. I think you would be an amazing author! Love you mom

Anonymous said...

0I really think you could write a bible study. You have the knowledge and the will to do this. You caan do this if you set your mind to it. Just keeppraying about and try doing a out line. You will know if God is helping you to go forward or not. Love Mom yes your mom;

Brenda said...

Well my dear I just know and have seen your gifts and talents and writing comes so easy to you. You always write about your loves and passion. Maybe it is easier said than done but you love the Lord and God gives us wisdom and knowledge to His work. Just pray and listen that's all you are alway an excellent
writer about everything your mind has the words to web and create.

Anonymous said...

If you knew you could then you wouldn't be doing it on faith and that is what God wants us to do. Take Him at his word without any tangible evidence. Personally, I know you can do it. You are a writer and inspiration to a lot of us already.