Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Days Just Don't Go As You Had Planned

Case in point: I mentioned back in March that I had some pictures to share with you from our "Family Crawfish-Turned-Shrimp Boil". It was a beautiful Saturday that we had been planning for two weeks. We had juggled Meagan/Derrick's, Kelli/Matt's and Bri/Josh's schedules to get everyone together at once (alas, Matt wasn't able to make it after all). Once we agreed upon a day and time that everyone was available, I texted Brian to put in on his calendar TWO WEEKS EARLY. (Plenty of time for a college student.) Jim and I gathered all the supplies on Friday afternoon, ready for the whole Hey-Hira delegation to arrive.

Saturday morning, I sent Bri and Brian to the office to pick up more chairs while I went to pick up the crawfish. It was just family and we only needed one bag. No need to order early, right? WRONG! It is the first time in nearly ten years that we were unable to get crawfish in the springtime. Don't know what was going on, but you couldn't even find anyone selling them on the side of the road. And just the day before, both Brianne and Josh had driven through South Louisiana! I am sure they could have picked them up anywhere!!!

On to Plan B: Shrimp Boil instead. The food was still delicious and we had a great afternoon. I have so many pictures that it will take a few days to share them. Here are a few of the family.

William chilling around the boiling pot.

Brian...keeping his dad company while waiting for the pot to boil.

Derrick kept up the vigilance as well.

My Hero: our master chef.

Josh held down the fort with the rest of the guys.

This was the only picture I have of Meagan and Kelli from the day. Bri took most of the pictures so there is not a single one I can share of her. (Well, there is one, but she is making a face and she would kill me if I posted it!)

This Brian after we ate. I rarely get pictures of him, so I am posting both of them just because I can!

Josh had to try out the bulldozer that Jim had out there to work on the pond.

Brooke with a mouth full of homemade Rice Krispy Treats.

I had forgotten how much the kids love those things.

Two dishes totally wiped out!

Davin licking his fingers from melted marshmallow.

And just in case you thought they were just for the little ones...

here is my 'not so little' one with a mouth full too!

The temperatures began to drop as the sun set. Maddux curled up in his Pappaw's lap wrapped in his favorite blanket. It wasn't long before we were all heading inside.

Like I said, it was a beautiful day...with or without the crawfish!


Brenda said...

Thats the truth but sure look like a great day all in all love the pictures! You have been given a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day from the pictures. Even though I think I saw a sunburn or two. We're having boiled shrimp and crawfish for Easter Lunch! Your mom put in her order also, but I heard the other day that she was joining ya'll in Waller. Happy Easter and I love you, Aunt Fran