Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rodeo Girls 2011

I just realized that I never shared the pictures from Rodeo Houston (or Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo...depending on your age and memory.) Bri holds the crown as Rodeo Queen of the Goode Household this year. I think she attended four shows, maybe five. This was from our first trip to see Sugarland in concert. My beautiful girls and I were riding the tram to Reliant Stadium from the Yellow Lot. All smiles!
This picture didn't turn out very well, but here we were in our seats waiting for the show to begin.
Before we went into the stadium, we walked around the carnival for a little while. Kelli wanted to have her picture made with the Rodeo Clown. She felt a little let down when she realized he was a clown from the Mutton Busting and not the Bullriders!
This picture was taken on the last day of the Rodeo when Meagan and Bri met up with Robin, Stacy and I to watch Jason Aldean. (He is still my all-time favorite to watch.) Let's just say that after all that fried food I wasn't feeling so well in the middle of the night. And the more I thought about what we had eaten, the worst I felt!
And of course, it would not be Rodeo if Kelli amd Bri didn't get their dunce hat pictures made.

In addition to Sugarland and Jason, I attended the Kid Rock show with the Girls (Robin, Stacy and Kellie). I think Bri made it to see Tim McGraw and Keith Urban, as well.

We had a blast, as usual...and can hardly wait for HLSR 2012!


Robin said...

are you sure you didn't do a rodeo post...I thought I read something and I know I've seen most of those pictures somewhere????

Fonda said...

Robin, You saw them on facebook. I mentioned it in a post...but didn't share the pictures or details on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ALL the pictures you post. They make me feel a little closer to you and your family. Love ya' Aunt Fran

Fonda said...

Aunt Fran, Thank you!!! You (and the rest of the family) are the reason I blog. I miss you all and I miss the days when we shared every day life with one another. Thanks for always taking the time to check in on us and to leave a comment. It means the world to me!