Friday, April 22, 2011


Here are the pictures I promised yesterday of Maddux.
He found a feather on the back deck.

He played on Pappaw's tractor...and no, he did not climb up there by himself and he was being please don't call CPS on us.

Look at that face!

Sweet, goofy smile...covered in sweet iced tea!

Maddux chasing Blue off the porch.

Playing in Nonna's Polaris while Brooke pretends to drive.

As I have already said, we had a great day together.
Pictures of the other grandchildren to follow.


Kelli said...

My handsome guy! When I see pictures of him it makes mmme realize how quickly he is growing up.

Tammy said...

In the picture of him being goofy drinking the tea, he loooks SOOOO much like Davin did at that age!