Monday, May 16, 2016

Mexico - Part 1

On April 15th, Jim and I joined five friends for what we dubbed #taxdayescape2015 to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was a weeklong trip, so I will not even attempt to try to put everything in chronological order or to tell every story...but I will share some photos so that you get an idea on why we desire to make this an annual getaway!

Our obligatory take off photo op. 
I cannot keep this man off of the telephone even when we are leaving the country!

The view from our room at Casa Calloway

The Portal Maya Sculpture
A commemoration piece that marked the end of the Mayan calendar and looks forward to the future.

Shopping with My Hero on 5th Avenue
You've got to do it at least once.

This is how we spent nearly all of our evenings on the Mayan Riviera

What do you do when you have a few margaritas and then find a coconut fresh from the tree?  Well...let me just say that this was the nicest picture that I could share!

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Anonymous said...

We can't go anywhere without one of our phones ringing.
Now that I work from home and have to take my own work cell phone with me, Allen gets a taste of what I have to put up with when he is on the phone working. The ocean looks beautiful. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time.