Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday #5

This week's Throwback goes all the way back to the spring of 2015.  We Goode's love our holidays and one of my favorites is:

Easter 2015

at The Goode Life

Our Little Piggies!  Kelli, Ellie, Maddux, Brooke, Matt and Weston

Aren't they just GRAND?!?!
Front row: Ellie, Weston, & Delayne
Back Row: Maddux, Brooke, Dayton & Davin

Our Royal Family (because Poppy nicknamed Meagan 'The Princess' )
Derrick, Delayne, Davin, Meagan & Dayton 

Our A Team:
Josh & Bri

The Goody-Goode's:
Jim, Fonda and Will
Look at all that hair!!!!
We had such a wonderful day filled with food, laughter, egg hunts and candy -- lots of candy!  It was a beautiful spring afternoon and though we missed Brian -- it was a blessing to have most of the family together for a (semi) quiet day at the Goode Life.

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