Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throwback Thursday #6

Most of this blog is made up of family gatherings in which I participate. That makes it heavy on the 'girly' things. But our menfolk began their own tradition a few years back and I wanted to include them and their memories as well. All of these pictures were texted to me by Josh over their weekend adventure. So, this Throwback Thursday will have very little commentary because I wasn't there to witness any of the events.

Fishing Tournament - March 2015

Sargent, TX

The Accommodations:
They picked out their own beach house rental!

The Winning Team
Brian, Thad and Derrick
(Yes!  They have their own trophy!  How fancy!)

The Catch
There is some good eating in that day's catch.

Out on the water

Derrick won a medal for FINALLY landing a fish!
It was an fete that took a few years...and makes for some great stories!

Wade fishing in 'The Hole'.
I am so glad that the guys began their own annual trip and traditions.  We love getting together for a big fish fry when they return and hearing all of the stories from their time away.  Will didn't make the trip last year, and though Matt went, he had to leave early because Kelli got sick and needed help at home with the children.  Eventually the grandsons will be invited to join in the fun.

Their next trip is scheduled for late June this year.  I will see if I can get them to send me more pictures -- and maybe a few stories!

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Anonymous said...

I bet Derrick is VERY proud of the medal. ha ha