Tuesday, May 31, 2016

35 Years and We Are Still Hanging On (To Each Other)

May 30, 1981: Our first day as husband and wife.
The years have brought us joy and tears, happiness and loss, bright days and dark nights.  But by the grace of God, through it all we have had one another!

May 21, 2016: He still rocks my world!
"May the only thing that grows old in our marriage be the two of us!"

15 years to Golden!  Say what???????

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Anonymous said...

It really doesn't seem like it's been 35 years. A lot of life has happened in those years. You couldn't have picked a better man as your husband, father of your children, grandfather to your grandchildren, and partner in crime and he could have picked a better wife, mother, grandmother and partner in crime.

Cheers to both of you!!!!