Thursday, May 26, 2016

Throwback Thursday #7

Mother's Day 2015

Here a few memories from Mother's Day 2015.

Baby Dedication at Wilcrest Baptist Church.
Kelli and Matt had been living out in the Rosenberg area and were going to a church that didn't hold baby dedication services.  When they moved into Sugar Land, they started attending the church where they were married and decided to participate in the semi annual baby dedication.  It turned out that they had THREE since the last time they had attended services at Wilcrest.  Jim and I loved going back to see old friends and to celebrate the Lord's goodness to our family as Maddux, Ellie and Weston were all dedicated to the Lord.  Mr. Al Bailey was their deacon to pray over the children and to encourage Matt and Kelli for the journey ahead.

Back at our home church, Fellowship at Field Store, we hosted a Mother's Day Tea and invited all of the women, young ladies and girls to attend.  Here were my two tables.
The speakers table where my dear friend Cynthia sat with her guests for the day which included her daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  I just loved the garden party feel of this quilt (a gift from Donna) and decided that the table needed to look like a garden.
Cynthia used a beautiful tea cup and a sturdy coffee mug to help illustrate for us the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not just worry about what the outside looks like.
This was my table - set for four with Grandma Fulton's magnolia china.  Bri joined me for the celebration and we had a wonderful time with Marla as memories of my grandmother flooded this table of magnolia blossoms.

These were our serving tables -- beautifully decorated by Maudell.  She is a master of setting a beautiful tablescape!
It was our highest attendance since Kyra and I began organizing the monthly get-togethers.  We look forward to many more to come!

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