Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mexico: Part 4

Fishing the Mayan Riviera

Since we were in Playa the week before their big sailfish tournament, Jim and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to fulfill one of our long talked about bucket list items.  Sailfish fishing.  All but two of our group spent one morning on the water.  This is our adventure!

I can't remember the name of the marina we set out from...but I do remember that it had something about Pelican in it's name!

My honey watching the shoreline grow smaller on our way out to deep waters.
First fish on!  Jim called Lonnie to man the pole and she fought and struggled until she didn't think she could do anymore.  Thankfully we saw him near the boat and told her it was almost over because she was just about to hand over the pole.
Isn't he gorgeous?  An 8' sailfish!  And yes, her face in this picture is priceless!

But she was all smiles once the battle was over, the fish was landed, the picture taken and the sailfish swam off to give another angler a run for their money!
Me - watching the waters for more sails.

We didn't hook another sailfish.  But I did get to pull up this beautiful barracuda.

The most memorable catch of the day was John's.  His bait lured in a nice one which became the bait for a BIG DADDY 'cuda.  He nearly landed them both.  In the end he pulled out the remains of his Amberjack.

We all caught something for the day. Fonda (barracuda), Lonnie (sailfish - released), Jim (Amberjack), Albert (red snapper) and John (Amberjack head)
We had a great time and I can hardly wait to go again!

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