Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mexico - Part 2

On Monday we took a day trip out to see the Mayan ruins in Coba.  Robin's bucket list included 'climbing the Mayan ruins,' the rest of us just chose to go along for the adventure.

Stacy, Albert, Lonnie, Robin, Me, Jim & John
Before the Adventure began.

Jim and I before ascending the pyramid.

I made it about halfway up.  I took this picture of Jim as we were climbing and started feeling very nauseous.  I decided that it may be better for me to take myself down than to pass out and roll down.  Jim pressed on to the top.

Stacy, Robin and Jim from the top.
Photo by John...they are the only three that made it up.

It's hard to pick them out, but I snapped this picture as the crew were descending.

Jim's fish spa at the Cantina.  The picture I didn't share here (but that I sent to our employees on Facebook) was of him on the telephone WORKING while getting his fish spa treatment.  I threatened to throw his phone in the spa...but it was in a Lifeproof case so it wouldn't have mattered.

Me and the spicy jalapeno in front of our lunch stop.
We had a wonderful day at Coba.  It is always so humbling to see yourself in comparison with a civilization that existed so long ago.  Their infrastructure was amazing.  We finished the day out with some souvenir shopping on our way back to Playa, then hit the pool to cool off and relax for the evening. 

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Anonymous said...

Being a history buff myself, I would think the Mayan ruins would be an awe inspiring event in itself. I could probably spend the whole trip investigating the history of this place.