Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bulldogs - Cubs

Finally, pictures from last Thursday's game against the Brenham Cubs.

Time for a game plan.
Eagerly anticipating rejoining the game.

Breaking through the block.

Back to the sidelines for a breather.

Hold that line!

You are not getting past me.

"Good job!" from Coach.

Isn't this just a classic football pose?

Will's cheering squad: Stacy, Jim, Albert, Derrick, Meagan, Davin, Bri, Debbie, Casy and me (behind the camera, apologizing for the picture quality. I couldn't get far enough away in these bleachers to get it right.)
The Dogs were defeated 0-14. Lest you think it was bad, it was a great game with no score until over halfway through the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, we had a player get a little overwhelmed after the Cubs scored and put them right back in scoring range or it probably would have been a tied ball game.
And...thoughts of SOMEDAY:
Davin always tells us that he wants to play football, not watch Duck-Duck play.
He took a run out onto the field and headed straight for the end zone.
I think he is practicing his future Touchdown Celebration moves.
And.he's. gone! Touchdown, Rodgers!
Great game! Great night with friends and family! And to top it all off, no school the next day so we were able to have a leisurely dinner at Chili's after the game!

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